Mobile Advertising Innovation Increases Sales for CPG by 3x+

Posted by AdAdapted, Inc. on Jun 7, 2018 2:31:00 PM
AdAdapted, Inc.

A new tool simplifies grocery shopping and planning for consumers; multiplies revenue for brands and retailers

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AdAdapted Multiple Add-to-List® advertisement example

In a perfect world, ads are both useful to the consumer and help sell an advertiser’s product. AdAdapted’s Add-It® allows consumers to add products they like directly to their digital grocery list; making grocery shopping easier and providing a sophisticated 1:1 measurement of purchase intent for CPGs. Taking mutual benefit one step further, now AdAdapted’s technology allows consumers to add full recipes or complimentary products to their list, making the shopping experience even more efficient. Having more promoted products also increases the value of conversion by 2x, 3x or even 6x for the advertising CPG brand or retailer.


For example, with the Fourth of July holiday coming up, brands and retailers are promoting hot dogs, brats, buns, watermelon, coleslaw, chips, salsa and cookies; all the essentials to plan a delightful mid-summer Fourth of July BBQ. In the past, a Fourth of July themed ad might feature just one product reminding you to pick up your Fourth of July dining essentials.

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With AdAdapted’s new Multiple Add-to-List® technology, a Fourth of July themed ad might feature brats, buns, coleslaw, ketchup and chips to help complete a delicious Fourth of July BBQ spread. Once presented with the ad, complete with AdAdapted’s Multiple Add-It® technology, the consumer can add all of these products directly to their digital grocery list with one click and, voila, they are ahead of the game in preparing their shopping list for the Fourth of July weekend festivities.


Today’s consumers are looking for ways to save time. New generations are finding creative ways to shorten daily tasks in an effort to be more present in the activities that matter. Offering a solution where consumers can save time, i.e. add multiple items at a time to their digital shopping list, takes the extra thought and planning out of list building.

In-App native advertisement promoting Fourth of July BBQ essentials

96.9% of shoppers, according to a Statista survey reporting on methods used by consumers to purchase groceries U.S. 2017, still shop in-store, therefore reaching them while they are planning, accessing or building their grocery list just might be the perfect place to remind them that they need to pick up the brats, buns and ketchup for their upcoming Fourth of July BBQ.


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AdAdapted ( is the number one add-to-list mobile advertising and insights solution for CPG brands and the agencies that represent CPG brands. AdAdapted offers CPG brands the ability to directly target their primary consumers in the apps they use to plan and shop. AdAdapted’s platform places CPG brands in front of consumers with native, non-disruptive ads at the exact moment of decision-making, targeting consumers with laser-like efficiency and getting products on digital shopping lists.

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